We are providing Education and Boarding facilities for 1842 sponsored and un-sponsored students through Word & Deed School. In addition to the hostel children we have 646 students attending the Word & Deed School as day-scholars by paying nominal fees. We are also supporting 159 students for Graduation and professional courses who are studying outside in different colleges.
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J. Sudha Rani

I am Sudha Rani   pursuing B-Tech final year, got selected for WIPRO.
I came from a family of low economic status and Word & Deed gave me hope in my life. I started my career in my 1st standard (in 1993).

Word & Deed is kind enough to help me by providing education. I realize that all those things I had learned during my stay at Word & Deed could be simplified so that any one could feel competent in this present world.

That’s why I decided to write this testimony. For years now, I have been sharing my ideas and experiences with my college friends, colleagues, relatives and in public appearances.

It creates enthusiasm in students by providing SPORTS AND NCC. Many of our friends played national level tournaments and successfully settled in their lives.

Our school is very spacious with good infrastructure and best teachers.
I must express my special thanks to all my teachers, warden and supervisors.

"I Thank Word & Deed organization for laying path for me to travel in the road of success, for many families and live’s ahead because of which now I could out stand as a Software Professional in WIPRO"

P. Rodha Christina:

I P. Rodha Christina D/o P. Samuel Johnson Bearing Sponsor no: 12.102.907 have joined in Word & deed India in the year 1994 in class IV as my parents were not sound financially to support my education.

By God’s grace and with the help of Word & Deed I have completed my S. S. C. and Intermediate in Word & Deed Educational Academy and did my Bachelor’s degree in Mass communication, Physiology and English literature from Osmania University. Right now I’m working in GENPACT (MNC) as a process associate and drawing around Rs: 9,000/- P.M. Word & Deed has been a great help to me by supporting my education and I have been blessed spiritually. I was in the church choir for 10 long years.

I am greatly grateful to God, Word & Deed and my Sponsor’s and Word & Deed Administrative staff for all the things I have possessed. Now by this virtue, I have become a proud citizen and good Christian and am able to support my self and my family, which consists of my parents, brother & sister. Many of my friends have been benefited by Word& Deed and are leading better lives and are grateful to the Lord & Word & Deed.
I pray that many more needy, poor, orphan and semi orphans will be benefited and better lives by virtue of Word & Deed

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